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Dr. Fabio Jose Matheus

Dr. Fabio Jose Matheus

Clinical Cardiology in São Paulo


About Dr. Fabio Jose Matheus


Medical Clinic Cardiology Echocardiography FMABC / Santa Casa SP




Dr. Fábio José Matheus, specialist in adult cardiology and echocardiography. Medical Clinic, Cardiology and Echocardiography, FMABC / Santa Casa de SP.

Professional Experience

  • Medical Residency, in Echocardiography, at Irmandade Santa Casa de Misericórdia in São Paulo, SP.

  • Graduated in Adult Cardiology from the Faculdade de Medicina do ABC, Santo André, SP.

  • Conducting the Research Training Course, promoted by the Brazilian Society of Cardiology, online, during 2013. 2013.

  • Participation in the XVI International Update Course on Adult Intensive Care, held by SOPATI, as a participant, in São Paulo, SP. XVI International Intensive Care Course. 2012.

  • Participation in the 68th Brazilian Cardiology Congress.

  • Participation in the XXXIV SOCESP Congress, as a Congressman, in São Paulo SP. 2013. (Congress).

  • I participate in academic conferences.

  • I presented work at events.


  • ACLS Provider Course (Advanced Life Support in Cardiology), INCOR. ACLS Course - 2009.

  • Surgeon Course Year 2 FMUSP. General Surgery - 2008.

  • XXVI Annual Emergency Surgery Course of the Brazilian College of Surgeons. Surgery - 2008.

  • SBCM.ECG ECG course. 2008.

  • IV International Course on Surgical Emergencies and Trauma Hospital Mário Gatti.TRAUMA. 2006.

  • Clinical ECG Course.ECG. 2005.

  • Arterial Blood Gas Analysis Course. Academic Course. 2005.

  • II Urgency and Emergency League Course.URGENCE AND EMERGENCY. 2005.


  • Graduated in Medicine from Universidade São Francisco, in Bragança Paulista, SP.

  • Graduated in Clinical Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine of ABC, Santo André, SP.


  • English

  • Portuguese


  • Clinical Cardiology


Sao Paulo


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