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Dr. Debora Presman

Dr. Debora Presman

General Pediatrics in São Paulo


About Dr. Debora Presman


Doctor at SP City Hall in the area of ​​Epidemiological Surveillance


General Pediatrics


Dr. Débora Presman is a pediatrician, with the title of Specialist in Pediatrics from the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics (SBP). She has a private practice in the area of ​​pediatrics and works as a doctor at the City of São Paulo in the area of ​​Epidemiological Surveillance. In addition, she is a pediatrician at the Pediatrics outpatient clinic at Hospital São Cristóvão.

Professional Experience

  • Have a private practice that works in the area of ​​pediatrics.

  • Doctor at São Paulo City Hall in the area of ​​Epidemiological Surveillance.

  • Pediatrician at the Pediatrics outpatient clinic at Hospital São Cristóvão.

  • Work experience in the Emergency Department of the Lutheran University of Brazil (ULBRA) in Canoas - RS.

  • 10 years of experience working in UBS through SUS.

  • Residency in Pediatrics at Hospital do Servidor Público Municipal.


  • Graduated from the UNISA Faculty of Medicine in 2003.


  • English

  • Portuguese


  • Pediatric Consultation

  • Routine monitoring (Childcare)

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Care for premature babies

  • Care for a sick child


Rua Bela Cintra 1679, Consolação, Sao Paulo, 01415-007


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