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Dr. Glaucia Medeiros Ribeiro

Dr. Glaucia Medeiros Ribeiro

Oncologist and Palliative Care in Sorocaba


About Dr. Glaucia Medeiros Ribeiro


Oncologist at Gran Vitae Medical Specialties Clinic


Oncologist, Palliative Care


Dr. Glaucia Medeiros Ribeiro is an oncologist specializing in palliative care. She works as an oncologist at the Gran Vitae Medical Specialties Clinic.

Professional Experience

  • Oncology and symptom control medical consultations at Gran Vitae Clínica de Especialidades Médicas.

  • Oncology, Oncogeriatrics and Palliative Care at Amhemed Sorocaba.

  • Residency in Clinical Oncology at IBCC Oncology.

  • Medical Clinic Residency in HESAP / Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo.


  • Graduated in Medicine from Universidade Vila Velha - ES.

  • Master in Business Administration - MBA, Health Management at FGV - Fundação Getulio Vargas.

  • Postgraduate in Palliative Care at Faculdade Israelita Albert Einstein.

  • Postgraduate Lato Sensu - Specialization in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at CETN - Center for Natural Therapies.


  • English

  • Portuguese


  • Lifestyle Medicine

  • Prevention

  • Clinical Oncology

  • Breast cancer

  • Stomach cancer

  • Colorectal cancer

  • Ovary cancer

  • Pancreatic cancer

  • Prostate cancer

  • Lung cancer

  • Esophageal cancer

  • Cervical cancer (cervix)

  • kidney cancer

  • Endometrial cancer


Avenida Washington Luiz, 685 - Room 25 - Jardim Emilia, Sao Paulo, 18031-000


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