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Best Orthopedists in Maranhao

Found 1 Orthopedists in Maranhao

Rua Quinze de Novembro 1100 - Center, Pelotas, 96015-000

Av. Tupi Silveira, 1926 - Center, Bage, 96400-110

Best Orthopedists in Brazil

Languages: English, Portuguese

Avenida João Ramalho, 538 - Centro, Santo André, Sao Paulo, 09030-320

Languages: English, Portuguese

Alameda Santos, 745, Conjunto 71, Jardim Paulista, Sao Paulo, 01419-001

Rua Dona Adma Jafet, 91 - Bela Vista, Sao Paulo, 01308-050

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Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew

Rua Alameda Franca 267, Conjunto 51 - Jardim Paulista, Sao Paulo, 01422-001

Languages: English, Portuguese

R. Maestro Cardim, 560 set 94- Bela Vista, São Paulo, 01323-000, Sao Paulo

Languages: English, Portuguese

Rua Borges Lagoa, 783, Vila Clementino, Sao Paulo, 04038-031

Via Paiaguás, 160 - Parque dos Camargos, Barueri, 06434-200

Avenida Maria de Castro Mosque, Sao Paulo

Avenida São Paulo, 750, Além Ponte, Sorocaba, 18013-002

General information on medical treatment

Orthopedics is a branch of medicine specializing in the skeletal system and muscles in the body. Among other things, an orthopedist diagnoses and treats problems with bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. For example, orthopedists are the go-to professionals in cases of back pain, knee pain, fractured bones, muscle injuries, torn ligaments, bone growths, chronic joint diseases, osteoporosis, and more. An orthopedic specialist typically also engages in some form of subspecialty, such as joint replacement surgeries, knee surgeries, hand surgeries, foot and ankle surgeries, spine surgeries, and more. Particularly if someone is injured as a result of a fall, a traffic accident, or a sports injury, and experiences bone or muscle pain as a result of the impact, it is recommended to consult an orthopedist for diagnosis and treatment before the problem worsens and leads to further impairment of daily functioning. Looking for Orthopedists in Maranhao? In the AvaliaMed index, you can find a wide variety of Orthopedists in Maranhao with dozens and hundreds of reviews from real patients. Through AvaliaMed, you can contact Orthopedists, schedule appointments, and obtain information about their professional experience. If you're interested in finding recommended Orthopedists according to specific preferences, you can narrow down your search by regions in the country, language of the service provider, gender of the Orthopedists, health plans you're affiliated with, hospitals where Orthopedists work, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you visit an orthopedist?

You should consider visiting an orthopedist in Maranhao for various reasons, including: Musculoskeletal pain or injury: If you experience persistent pain, discomfort, or injury in your bones, joints, muscles, or connective tissues, an orthopedist can diagnose the underlying issue and recommend appropriate treatment, such as physical therapy, medication, or surgery. Joint problems: Orthopedists specialize in diagnosing and treating conditions affecting the joints, including arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, and ligament tears. They can offer interventions to manage symptoms and improve joint function. Sports injuries: If you sustain an injury while participating in sports or physical activities, an orthopedist can provide specialized care to help you recover and prevent future injuries. This may include rehabilitation exercises, bracing, or minimally invasive procedures. Back and neck pain: Orthopedists can assess and treat various conditions causing back or neck pain, such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis, or degenerative disc disease. They can recommend conservative treatments or surgical interventions as needed. Deformities or abnormalities: If you have congenital deformities, acquired abnormalities, or conditions like scoliosis or clubfoot, an orthopedist can develop a personalized treatment plan to address these issues and improve your mobility and quality of life. Chronic conditions: Orthopedists manage chronic musculoskeletal conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or osteoporosis, providing ongoing care to minimize pain and maintain function. Ultimately, the decision to visit an orthopedist in Maranhao depends on your symptoms, level of discomfort, and impact on daily activities. If you're experiencing musculoskeletal issues that affect your quality of life, it's essential to seek evaluation and treatment from a qualified orthopedic specialist.

How can one find Orthopedists in Maranhao who are affiliated with a specific insurance company?

To find Orthopedists in Maranhao who are affiliated with a specific insurance company, you need to select the preferred insurance company from the list of insurance companies in the "Additional Filters" table and click the "Search" button.

How can I find Orthopedists in Maranhao who speak my language?

To find Orthopedists in Maranhao who speak a specific language, you need to select the desired language in the "Additional Filters" table - Language and click the "Search" button.

How can I find Orthopedists who provide online services (virtual consultations)?

To find Orthopedists who provide online services (virtual consultations), you need to select the "Virtual Consultation" checkbox in the "Additional Filters" table and click the "Search" button.

How can I find Orthopedists in Maranhao of a specific gender?

To find Orthopedists in Maranhao of a specific gender, you need to select the preferred gender in the "Additional Filters" table - "Gender" and click the "Search" button.

What should I do if my search for Orthopedists in Maranhao did not yield satisfactory results (due to a shortage of Orthopedists in Maranhao or due to a mismatch of Orthopedists with my needs)?

If no suitable results were found in your search, it is recommended to expand the area or city specified in the main search bar to a nearby larger city, or completely remove the filtering restriction based on "Location in the country".

In what ways can I contact or schedule an appointment/meeting with Orthopedists in Maranhao?

You can contact Orthopedists in Maranhao area through several methods: by submitting a specific inquiry through the \Contact Us" form on the doctors page, through WhatsApp using "Send WhatsApp Message", or by making a phone call to the number provided on the doctors page.

How can I find Orthopedists in Maranhao who work in a specific hospital?

To find Orthopedists who work in a specific hospital, you need to select the preferred hospital from the list of hospitals in the "Additional Filters" table and click the "Search" button.

How can I find reviews given about Orthopedists in Maranhao for a specific service?

To find the reviews given about Orthopedists in Maranhao for a specific type of service, you need to visit the page of Orthopedists and select the desired service type from the dropdown list "Show by Service Type" in the reviews section.

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